Nov 14, 2010

500 Peso Challenge #1: Danniela’s Diner

I wanted to challenge myself and be able to budget 500 pesos for a superb meal

I wanted a complete dining experience with seafood and meat

This food trip challenge would include Peter Pilot and BFF Ernan

Ernan led us to Tiongson Arcade in Lagao where the budget conscious converge

From the outside, you’d think that this Food Arcade is going bankrupt

I got the surprise of my life when I saw that inside each DAMPA were tables brimming with diners

For this challenge, we decided to try Danniela’s Diner, a no-nonsense restaurant

At their entrance you get to pick your choices from the display table

Imbao Soup is my favorite among seafood soups

Although the imbao seashells were plump and fresh-tasting,

I find the soup cooked not to my liking

Maybe it needed more ginger and should have been served steaming hot

We also ordered their Pinaputok na Tilapia

This is basically tilapia wrapped in tin foil with all the condiments inside and then grilled

This is one meal that really delivered and the fish tasted sweet and fresh

Also the fragrance of margarine gave the whole deal an extra kick

We also ordered the Lechon Kawali to balance the evening’s food trip

The crispiness of the pork belly was all over the place

What floored me were the salad sidings which included pineapple slices

Now that’s one that took away the “umay”

I couldn’t resist ordering their Grilled Pork Chorizo

These ones are so plump that you won’t mind snubbing the chicken viand

This tasted perfectly well with vinegar, salt and crushed garlic

Right at the moment I threw my diet away

What would a seafood meal be without your fave Seaweeds Guso Salad

They upped the ante by adding pineapple slices instead of mango strips

The guso however was not “crunchy” anymore

But just the same, I still loved it

Our bill that night was 504 pesos – Four pesos over my Food Trip challenge

This included rice (and some extra!) and softdrinks

Technically I lost this challenge but they gave me a four peso discount

Go try them out anytime!  You may call them at 0912-412-8127.

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