Nov 6, 2010

Cooking 101: Prawns In Hot Sauce

Anyone can cook.

That’s according to Chef Gusteau from the movie Ratatouille

I had my share of kitchen disasters

But I also have some successes too

From time to time I will be dishing out my cooking experiments

I shall call such posts as Cooking 101

Let me share my Prawns in Hot Sauce

Here’s how I did it…

  • Prepare the following ingredients:  (a) 20 pieces of medium-sized prawns; (b) five cloves of garlic; (c) two teaspoons of palm oil; (d) one sachet of star margarine; (e) tabasco sauce; (f) knorr liquid seasoning
  • Wash the prawns in running water.  Set aside for excess water to drain.
  • Crush the garlic cloves and minced (slice in small pieces) them.
  • Heat the frying pan and pour the palm oil.
  • Set at medium heat then add the margarine.
  • Sautee the minced garlic to golden brown.
  • Throw in the prawns in the frying pan over medium heat for about 3 minutes.
  • Continue to stir the prawns to avoid overcooking.
  • Pour tabasco sauce and knorr liquid seasoning as desired.
  • Cook for a minute at low heat while continuously stirring the prawns.
  • Serve while hot.

As the saying goes:  The secret is in the sauce.

Bon Appetit.

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  • patikim ha! 🙂 looks good!, Orman!

    • arlene ipagluluto kita when you’re in gensan… hehehehe!

  • yummy!! if “anyone can cook” im sure marunong rin akong magluto..di pa nga lang siguro lumalabas ang tunay kong talent sa cooking..hehehe…
    *more recipes please!!*

    • hehehehe…. lakas ng loob lang ang pinaka-puhunan ko chic… try mo gud…

  • I want PRAWNSSS! 🙂

    • may mas masarap sa gensan, mare… ;-P

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