Nov 9, 2010

Food Trip #3: Bigby’s Cafe Gensan

My guest from Manila wanted to have the best salad for dinner

Only one restaurant came to mind and that’s Bigby’s Cafe

So off to Robinson’s Place we went last Saturday evening

That’s where Bigby’s Cafe in Gensan is located

My favorite salad is Bigby’s Tiki Wacky Chicken Salad

It’s a chunky salad treat with generous slices of tomatoes, yellow mangoes,

Grapes, walnuts, cheese, bread croutons, and creamy chicken salad on top of romaine lettuce

Can you spell FRESH and CRUNCHY?

That’s how every bite taste like and that’s how I like my salad to be

The chicken salad is indeed creamy and helped give the whole thing a mightier punch

For 220.00 pesos per platter, this is quite a steal!

We also ordered their Belly Buster Platter that can feed 3-4 persons

This one is the Mother of all Combo Meals as it consist of their bestsellers

Their famous barbecued baby back ribs, grilled rodeo pork chops,

smokey pork belly , crispy onion rings, buttered vegetables and garlic rice

Here’s my individual review of this awesome platter…

The grilled rodeo pork ribs is juicy and tender

I love how they marinated this one because it doesn’t leave a barbecue after-taste

Their hoisin-glazed barbequed babyback ribs is nothing to gloat about

I don’t like it when the meat goes off the bones but it still is tasty

I love their Smokey Pork Belly as it tasted like my favorite adobo dish

It went well with garlic rice but go slow on the fatty portion

I went agog over the Crispy Onion Rings which were oh-so-crispilicious-good!

Where the hell do they get onion bulbs as big as that?

Bigby’s Cafe at Robinson’s Place Gensan is one cozy restaurant

Their interiors are pleasing to the eye and the color scheme won’t give you a headache

The individual seats are also comfortable but the sofa is not for big people like me

Service is superb – if you’re a regular customer, they will call out your name to welcome you back

Pricing is kinda steep for Gensan standards but it’s really worth it

Their food servings are fit for groups of five so take the cue from here

Bigby’s Cafe originated in Cagayan de Oro City.  The owners wanted to create a concept that would allow them to offer fine, fast-casual dining.  They must be doing something good as most of their branches are enjoying good business.

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  • Mare, try their Deep Sea Pasta and the Chix in a Basket. HAY KALAMI! 🙂

    • try ko yan mare one of these days…

  • Do they still have the buffet by schedule? their unlimited baby back ribs and pasta?

    • i don’t think they offered that here in gensan… sana gawin na nila and i will be the first to line up…

  • i love tiki waki! 🙂 hmmmmmm i agree with you the best salad in town is at BIGBY’s CAFE 🙂

    • marami pa nga daw dapat i-explore na food nila… hmmm…. tataba ako lalo neto!

  • our favorite resto.. try their bermuda triangle salad and pescado alfredo..yum! my little girl loves their spaghetti its what we order for her every time.. 🙂 sarap!

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