Nov 22, 2010

Food Trip #7: Sunset Bistro

I’ve always loved Sunset Bistro

I’m a great fan of their Churros con Chocolate

And their mushroom burger is to die for

That was during their East Asia Royale Arcade days

When they moved to Robinson’s Place, they also expanded their menu

I had the chance to check them out last week and it was indeed worth my time

Their Caramelized Pork Hot Pot was on top of my list to order

This is actually a crossed between pork humba and a sweet & sour dish

I was pleasantly delighted that it wasn’t too sweet and didn’t have the umay-effect

You must try their Breaded Fried Chicken

Because this could very well compete with the leading brand

It didn’t have that oily taste and every delectable bite made for a Jolli-time!

I loved their Crispy-Fried Cream Dory with sweet mayo-dip

Despite its crispy layer, the tenderness and juiciness of the dory remained

The sweet mayo-dip was a perfect match to this crispy viand

Their version of Baby Back Ribs is passable

What I liked about it is that the meat wasn’t overcooked

The sauce was just right and gave their version its own signature

The Pasta Carbonara is one of their bestsellers

They have perfected this dish that you’d always ask for a second serving

The pasta is cooked al dente and that for me is very important

Not only do they serve great-tasting food

The ambience is very homey and the seats are comfortable

Service is superb because you’re treated like royalty here

In my book it’s one of the best places to relax and dine

Sunset Bistro is located along the Al Fresco Strip of Robinson’s Place Gensan.  They are open from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 12:00 mn.  For reservations, you may call them at (083) 302-0914.

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  • I love the Pan Fried Dory. 🙂

    I didn’t know they serve Churros con Chocolate. Must order that next time. 🙂

  • My personal favorites are the pasta carbonara and cream dory.

    • likewise, lyle… maka-adik ang cream dory!!!

  • Wow! baket ngayon ko lang nalaman na may Food Blog ka pala! aside from Ria, dumagdag ka na rin sa pagpapalaway sa amin ha. dati pa ako gusto mag food blog, kaya lang di ko carry kumain kahit saan. una magastos, pangalawa di rin ako marunong magluto, pangatlo kahit ano masarap sa akin kaya di ako perfect for food guru. hehehhe…

    Now, I have a new reference kung ano ang masarap na foods around na pwede ko ma try.

    Nice Blog Ter.


    • hehehehe sobrang busy ka na kasi sa career mo ter kaya di mo na ito napansin…

      • Sige lang, pag nagugutom ako while online at wala akong makain or wala akong pambili ng pagkain. Ito ang pupuntahan ko. Siguradong mabubusog na ako…. sa isip ko nga lang. tapos Sige lang ng sige sa pagpapalaway sa amin ter. Balang araw kakain din ako ng mga yan. hehehe…

        • hahahahaha… ikaw na ged ter! thanks as always!

  • i want to try their pasta carbonara… with garlic bread.,..

    • punta ka gud dito faust…

  • favorite ng kids ko ang chicken and pork adobo ng Sunset!!!

    • masarap nga but not that great for me… i’ve tasted better CPAs…

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