Nov 23, 2010

Food Trip #8: Nonki Japanese Restaurant

The first time I dined in a Nonki Japanese Restaurant was in Cebu

I vividly recall being surprised by the exuberant greeting once you enter the restaurant

Nonki in Davao is no different – immediately, you’ll be warmly received by waitresses in red kimono

There were a number of Japanese nationals dining and the whole place was buzzing with activity

Sashimi Moriawase (750.00) is a platter-full of mixed premium sashimi

This is a typical Japanese dish and Nonki has perfected it

I particularly love the salmon and squid portions

Everything tasted so fresh as if they were just plucked out of the sea

This was my first time to taste a serving of Salmon Maki Special (215.00)

And I must say that every bite is a delight even better than my favorite California Maki

The maki filling tasted just right and the confetti of crispy salmon chips was just perfect

What would a Japanese meal be without the Ebi Tempura (290.00)

I often wonder how they can maintain the soft succulence of the prawn meat

While presenting it with such crispiness of its outer layer

The Gindara Teriyaki (380.00) is addicting

Because of its natural flavor, not much marinating is necessary

The teriyaki sauce however complemented the soft flaky taste of the meat

Be aware however that gindara is known for its gastro-intestinal side-effects

Their Wafu Steak (540.00) is actually thinly sliced sirloin beef steak

Sprinkled with fried crispy garlic spices this is a must-order

It is cooked to spicy-perfection and didn’t need any sauce dip anymore

There’s not too much to say about their Chicken Teriyaki (180.00)

One good thing about it is that its meat is very tender

I just find its sweetness too overpowering

If you’re on a tight budget then an order of Japanese Fried Rice (90.00) would be enough

As it is, one can already have his fill of a full meal

So basically this will give you added boost to enjoy the other viands

Nonki Japanese Restaurant is located in a compound with other dining places along F. Torres street right beside the Davao Trade & Convention Center.  They’re open from Monday to Sunday, from 11:30am to 2:00pm, and from 5:30pm to 11:00pm. For inquiries and reservations, you may call (082) 226-3058.

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  • have you tried their fresh salmon sashimi.. dipped in kikkoman sauce and wasabi sarap…

    • yup…yun ang pinuntirya ko sa sashimi platter na inorder namin…

      • delicious..

  • YUMMY! That’s Kuya Andrew’s favorite. 🙂

    • uy talaga? hehehehe… palibre tayo minsan ke drew!

  • Saraaaaap naman niyan! I want to try the Wafu Steak and the Salamon Maki Special (drooling). Sana meron magkaroon din ng Nonki Japanese Restaurant sa Gensan!

    • uber sarap nun jo… as in! sinful sinful… and medyo expensive!

  • […] Fish Teriyaki – They may be pricey but  Nonki Japanese Restaurant gives value for your money.  I’ve always liked having gindara (cod fish) served grilled or […]

  • I love Nonki! My belief is that if you are a Japanese food fanatic, you gotta try this resto! I will be blogging about my experience there – this one’s highly recommended!

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