Dec 18, 2010

Food Trip #13: Cafe 1771 (L’Esprit Du Chateau)

This was my first time to dine at Cafe 1771

Founded in 1988, Cafe 1771 is touted as a casual fine dining restaurant

Their cuisine has a strong influences from Swiss, Italian and French cooking

My pretty friend Phoebe Sagge surprised me with this treat

How I wish I was better dressed for our dinner date

But surprisingly, the waiters made us feel like we were expected guests

And to think we didn’t have prior reservations

Suffice to say, my Cafe 1771 experience was worth my while

Read on…

Phoebe ordered their Organic Chicken in Potato Crust (525.00)

This is basically slow-baked chicken topped with crispy potato chips

I took a bite of the chicken meat and it was so juicy and so delicious that I almost forgot the other viands

This one reminded me of my favorite Iberian Chicken but with more oomph

The crispy potato chips was a perfect “siding” because it gave it more zesty taste

Since Phoebe loved this, she ordered Fish-In-A-Tent (550.00)

Their menu was specific about it – Philippine Sand Bass Fillet seasoned with patis-mansi

This is sealed and cooked inside a foil with onions, tomatoes and spring onion leaves

Nothing fancy about this and I find it kinda bland (patis & kalamansi, where are thou?)

Well, at least, Phoebe loved it and was more than happy to have it all to herself

Without batting a eyelash, we both agreed to try their Steaks and Frites (890.00)

For a probinsyano like me, the price is quite steep for a one-inch thick striploin steak

But I was not paying so there I was ready to savor our steak, done medium-well

And boy-oh-boy can you spell I-A-M-A-M-E-A-T-L-O-V-E-R with gusto?

This one’s a must-order and definitely worth every centavo you’ll spend for it

For dessert, we ordered Mango Mousse (200.00)

This light mangoes & creme dessert fix disappoints

I was expecting my mousse to be soft and sweet

Theirs must have been frozen – well, that’s what the waiter said

The mango fruit was also sour so that made matters worst for me

I should have ordered the Chocolate Ganache Tart

Well, there’s always a next time and I am definitely visiting again!

Cafe 1771 is located at the El Pueblo Real de Manila, J. Vargas corner ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  They are open for Breakfast, Lunch, Merienda, Dinner and After Dinner drinks from Mondays to Saturdays  (7:00am to 10:00pm) and Sundays (7:00am to 3:00pm).  It is recommended that prior reservations are arranged.  You may call them at (02) 631-7340 and (02) 470-6559.

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  • l’esprit du chateau ay salitang pranses na nangangahulugan sa wikang ingles na, “the spirit of the castle” at “ang espirito ng kastilyo” naman sa wikang tagalog.

    sila ay kilala sa kanilang “PARANORMAL CHAIR” o “GHOST CHAIR”.. sa atoa pa, KALAG NA SALUMPUWIT…

    … and a MUST… EXPERIENCE …

    na-intriga tuloy ako sa pasta chorizo, na kahit si PNOY ay sumulat pa sa CEO ng Cafe 1771.

    • kaya pala i needed daw to sit on the GHOST CHAIR… eh hindi ako kasya… hahahaha!

  • Orms, have you been to Mercato Centrale @ The Fort? If you haven’t, check out Manila’s latest weekend market every Saturday & Sunday from 6am – 12 noon. A must for every foodie!

    • hi didoy… sige sige will put that in my list of must-visits…

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