Dec 6, 2010

Merienda Cena #1: Palabok Overload

This is my first blog post under the Merienda Cena category

And what better way to start it but with a truly Pilipino merienda meal

Surprisingly this mouth-watering and eye-popping offering is from my favorite kambingan

This is Kambingan sa Depot‘s Palabok Overload

Unlike any other palabok that I’ve tasted

This one has  the usual ingredients that should be in a palabok and more

More means Fried Fish Flakes and Slices of Salted White Squid

They’re very generous with the other toppings

Slices of Hard-boiled egg, pounded pork chicharon and shrimps

The palabok sauce smelled delicious and it was indeed very tasty

They used the rice noodles (bihon) and cooked it al dente

For 300 pesos, this one’s surely worth the price

It fed eight hungry bankers

Kambingan sa Depot is located along Bula – Amao Road, General Santos City.  They’re known for their Kambing Specialties since 2002.  They are open from Monday to Saturday, 9:00am to 3:00 pm.

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  • Wow! I wanna try that. 🙂

    • mare i will order a bilao for the gang on saturday…

  • I hope to try this soon.

    • kailangan pa bang i-imemorize yan? hehehehe…

  • Ang sarap naman!

  • orman, saan ba yan? gensan ako next year, wanna taste that…hehehehehe…

  • Itsura pa lang masarap na. Gusto matikman palabok nila..

    • cidz minsan kasi tayo ang magsama in one of my 500-peso challenge… okay ka?

  • yummy!!!

  • Wow! That looks really good.

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