Jan 2, 2011

Food Trip #15: Kambingan Sa Depot

It was the last day of work for the year 2010

As a tradition, my team at Asia United Bank always have our year-ender dinner

The overload of pork/beef/chicken meat viands during the holidays was just too much

So we decided to have an  all-goat meat party fare courtesy of Kambingan sa Depot

It was easy to make arrangements with Joel Sarenas, owner of KsD

Thus it was all set for a dinner for twenty persons on December 30, 2010

Their Kilawing Kambing is to die for

This is goat skin peeled off with some meat still attached to it

This is then grilled and sliced into bite-pieces when cooked

The concoction mixture is made up of vinegar with diced onions and ginger

With siling labuyo and kalamansi, this viand becomes even more tastier

I loved the Sinampalukang Kambing when served hot

When the tamarind-based soup is hot, you won’t mind the fatty particles

Don’t worry, goat fats are easier to digest that beef fat

Gabi or Taro is added to makes the soup more appealingly thick in texture

A dash of Patis or Fish sauce would definitely add more zest to it

The Kalderetang Kambing is of course the best-seller

The richness of the tomato-based sauce makes this a truly remarkable feast

With generous cuts of deep-fried potatoes mixed with bite-sized cuts of meat

You’ll always ask for second servings of your steamed rice

This goat stew prides itself of such tender meat without the distinct smell

Last in our year-ender meal is the Sizzling Kambing Sisig

This is similarly cooked like your favorite Pork Sisig but with more bite

With generous amounts of green and red pepper, this is one hot meal

It’s very tasty though and would make for one really good appetizer

But what the heck, I devoured it like it was one of the main courses

Kambingan sa Depot is located along Bula – Amao Road, General Santos City.  It is owned by Joel and Corazon Sarenas.   They are open from Monday to Saturday, 9:00am to 3:00 pm.  Their daily kambing viands usually run out as early as 11:00 in the morning so I suggest that you go for an early lunch.  Like them at Facebook by clicking here.  And by the way, thanks to Louie for the treat

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  • oh my gosh! am drooling! i call the kambing as vegetarian animal kc grass lang kinakain. hehehee

    • len — just thinking about it now, nagalaway din ako…hehehehehe…

  • diosko parang bet ko mag happy birthday dito! ahahah

    • why not, coconut?

  • I wanna try everything!!!

    • masarap itong ihanda sa birthday ni kuya avel… solicitation committee coming right up! hehehehe…

  • I love sinampalukan and kilawin! *drools*

    • same tayo ng hilig, gf but you should try their sisig too…

  • uli ko next month… will DEFINITELY try their offerings… when is the best time to drop by doon?

    • rye i suggest that you go there around 11am… may seats pa and madami ka pang mao-order…

  • wala bang amoy ang kambing? or aftersmell?

    • si faust talaga hindi binabasa ang blog post ko… it’s there under the KALDERETANG KAMBING portion…

  • I don’t personally Kambing pero mukhang napakasarap lahat..
    intirga ako sa sizzling Kambing Sisig..

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