Jan 13, 2011

Food Trip #17: Little Dubai Kebab Grills

It’s been a while since I last visited Little Dubai

Well woe to me because I have been missing a lot

Little Dubai’s menu has undergone major major improvements

But for this visit, I will review their Kebab Combo Meal

For starters, I ordered their Lentil Soup (45.00)

This hearty soup is chock-filled with veggies like green peas, carrots, onions and celery

The strong Mediterranean flavor might be off-putting for some but I liked it

I suggest though that it should be served with soft bread

The regular Kebab Combo Meal (180.00) is served with steamed rice

I chose to have Biryani rice instead paying an additional twenty pesos

This combo meal consists of tuna, chicken and beef kebabs and a grilled tomato

This is served with the two sauces and a glass of iced tea

Biryani is derived from the Persian word Birian which means Fried before Cooking

How ever they cooked their Biryani Rice (20.00), I consider this a must-order

You have to mix it well to spread the sauce topping and smell its sweet aromatic fragrance

It is so savory and so mouth-watering that I can feast on this alone and have my fill

Of the three kebabs, I loved the Tuna Kebab because it’s the most healthy and it didn’t taste like fish

Kebabs are small chunks of meat or fish, marinated then skewered and grilled

The Beef Kebab was formed like a rolled chorizo and is also quite delectable

Though I find the Chicken Kebab grilled right, I just think that they need to improve on the marinade

Each Kebab meal is served with their two superb sauces

These two must always be together to make the perfect dip

The Red Chili Sauce is hot-hot-hot so get that glass of water ready

While the Garlic Cream Sauce balances the equation and hits the mark

And what would a visit to Little Kebab without trying their Flamed Ice Cream with Mint Sauce (65.00)

This vanilla serving takes all the umay away and more

With the mint sauce poured generously over it, a cooler feeling in the mouth is experienced

Savor every spoonful and enjoy the moment

Little Dubai is located at the SAFI Arcade beside KCC Mall of Gensan.  They are open all days of the week (from 10am – 2pm and from 4pm – 12mn).  Reservations may be made thru the following numbers (083) 552-0140 or 0922-888-3222.  Like them at FaceBook by clicking HERE.  You may send them a message thru [email protected]

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  • hmmm… food deliciously healthy..

    • faust sarap ng tuna kebab!!! but i think kulang ang isang skewer sayo…hehehehe!

  • One of my favorite dining places in GenSan. 🙂

    • lyle maraming bagong additions sa menu nila… humanda sila sa february! hahahahaha!

  • thank you for featuring us! good news to all of kuya orms avid readers… do try any of the meals featured and you will get a kebab platter for 3 on your next visit absolutely for free! just mention the phrase: we heard from gandaeversomuch that your kebab is sarapeversomuch! happiness di ba? visit na!!! 🙂

    • hehehehe sa EAT’S TERRIFIC po tayo hindi sa GANDAEVERSOMUCH…. but i think that’s okay! am sure marami nang kakain lalo sa little dubai!

  • At this time of the day… LALO tuloy ako ginutom.
    WOE TO ME kasi never pa ako naka try kumain dito…
    Well, KEBAB COMBO MEAL malapit na kita makain…

  • sana magka little dubai na sa mall

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