Jan 3, 2011

Merienda Cena #2: Brazo de Mercedes

One of the many pleasant surprises I got last January 1st was courtesy of Phoebe & Rex

They gifted me with a roll of Brazo de Mercedes, a creme-filled cake

This is a meringue roll filled with golden yellow custard

Can you spell S-U-G-A-R-R-U-S-H without batting an eyelash?

Well don’t let this cake fool you – it does look too sweet but it is not

It is made to look too sweet but in actuality it tastes just right

Thus you don’t have to worry about Doctor Diabetes

And hey, it is the perfect partner of your cup of hot brewed coffee

The soft meringue roll matches the custard filling

Every bite makes you close your eyes while savoring this perfect merienda cena

Avoid the rush and go order your own Brazo de Mercedes

This awesome Brazo de Mercedes is courtesy of Fely Sta. Ana.  A whole roll costs 300 pesos while half a roll costs 150 pesos.  She also has a choco and durian versions of this awesome cake at a little extra cost.  For orders, you may call Fely at her landline (083) 301-7046 and her cell number 0943-410-0772. For further inquiries, email Fely at [email protected].

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  • Gee, looks delicious. Just almost half the price of Red Ribbon’s!

    • lex lika dito sa room meron pa… hehehehe!

      • Sige!! Hehe!

  • lami kaayo!!!!

  • Wow, that loooooks amaaaziiiinggg!:D

    • i agree… and it is also uber yummy.

      • Where can I get those? Yumm. Now I’m craving for some! haha.:)

        • the contact number is at the bottom of blog post… dami na daw umorder…

  • Looks good. And it’s not expensive ha.

  • i am a certified addict of this cake, and please don’t ask me if i’m eating this right now because i am… grrrrrr…

  • kalurkey uy… kadaming nag-text para umorder nito!

  • saraaapppp!! affordable pa ang presyo =)

    • just today two of my clients ordered this… fely was gracious enough to deliver them tomorrow at the bank…

  • the Sta.Anas are dear family friends and I know they cook/bake/prepare food deliciously! This is a nice promo. It’s a violation to my new year resolution, but who cares. I won’t miss it for the world, definitely. 🙂

    • they’re the original caterers par excellence in gensan…

  • Thank you Mr Manansala for taking time to write about it!Kudos to the clear shots too, got me headed to sugar dreamland.

    • the pleasure is mine! wanna try the choco and durian flavors soon…

  • Grabe…. To die for.
    Almost better than sex…. well, almost….bwa hahahaha

    • hahahahahaha…. exactly what i was thinking about!!! thanks bes for trying it and loving it!!! matutuwa si fely nito…

  • Wow ang sarap naman nito…mmmmmm…nagutom ako ah…. 🙂

  • maka-order nga…;)

    • chic, order thru the number and just look for fely…

      • got my brazo de mercedes kanina sa AUB..:)yummy!!!

  • Thank you all for the appreciation! It really inspires me to develop different flavors… I will keep you posted Sir Orman for the new flavors! Thank you again & God bless you!

    • keep it going, fely! i wanna try the durian flavor soon!

  • this is one of my favorites.. hmmm sarap kakainggit

  • Yummy ged..

  • actually it looks sooooo sweet but not ?

    i Really want to try!!!

  • Looked for this post kasi gusto kong umorder. Hehe!

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