Jan 14, 2011

Merienda Cena #3: Uno Cafe’s Lomi

I just finished processing my passport renewal with the Department of Foreign Affairs

So I decided to drop by Uno Cafe for a quick merienda cena together with Peter Pilot

I promptly ordered their bestseller – Steaming Hot Pork Lomi (65.00) with Toasted Bread

What I liked about Uno Cafe’s Pork Lomi is that they cook it as it is ordered

So you will always get the “freshest” Lomi to your heart’s desire

The fat noodles that they used doesn’t taste like they’re stale and made a long time ago

And they are very generous with the meat cutlets which included pork liver

You may request them to prepare this as a Muslim Chow and get Chicken Lomi instead

Or you may go for the Health-conscious version and order the Seafood Lomi at the same price

One serving is good for two persons but believe you me, I can consume it all by myself

This is my comfort food and I must say that this is the best Lomi I’ve tasted so far!

Uno Cafe is located inside the compound of Gaisano Mall of Gensan.  It is between Shakey’s Pizza Restaurant and Big Chow/South Park Noodle House.  They are open from Monday to Sunday (9:00 am to 8:30 pm).  Major credit cards are accepted.  And they have free WiFi connection too.  For reservations, you may call them at (083) 301-3800.

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  • that’s one tasty lomi made me hungry after reading your post sarap!

  • Matagal na rin ako di nakakain ng lomi, now I know meron pala dyan. Thanks sa info =)

  • Wow! Mukhang napakasarap talaga unfortunately di ako pwede sa pork… hehehe!

  • Requesting 4 Chicken or Seafood LOMI… =)

  • i love the lomi when it has no bitter aftertaste..

  • Wow, Lomi! I have not eaten that in years. 😐

  • […] Lomi – Order it from Uno Cafe or Big Chow and you’ll still get the best hot noodle soup in Gensan.   Each serving cost 100 pesos and […]

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