Feb 4, 2011

Coffee Shop Experience #1: Fagioli Coffee Club

I love drinking coffee and I love them served hot

With the popularity of cafes and coffee shops,

I discovered the other side of coffee – cold, blended or iced

I’ve experimented cold coffee offerings of many cafes

This time – it’s Fagioli’s turn to be scrutinized

Pastries and cakes with coffee is a must for me

Fagioli’s line up might not look too enticing

But after tasting their Banana Choco Chips Muffin (55.00), I was floored

This one really tasted good especially straight from the microwave oven

It tasted and smelled like banana and was surprisingly moist

The chocolate chips were just an added bonus

I also took a bite of the Banana Muffin (50.00)

And I was similarly pleased and more – this one’s for the health-conscious

Their Food-For-The-Gods (50.00) is so-so

Nothing to go gaga about and I find it quite “dry”

We also ordered the Cinnamon Fudge (35.00)

This one looked and tasted like choco-moist cake

At 35 pesos, it was quite a steal and therefore a must-order

I chose their Mocha Java Fagiogranita (90.00) for my drink

This is basically ice-blended coffee-based concoction

And this one did not disappoint

I love the smell of mocha in my hot mocha-flavored coffee

Surprisingly even in its cold variant, a mild sweet scent of mocha was evident

For that alone, they deserve a perfect 10!

As for the taste:  I so love this cold concoction to the last drop.

Fagioli Coffee Club is located at Kare Petron Service Station along Jose Catolico Avenue, General Santos City.  This quaint cafe is owned by Ma. Cristina Rebosura and has two branches in Davao City.  Other than their great food and beverages, they also boast of their five-star quality restrooms.  They’re open from Monday to Sunday (7:30 am to 12 mn).

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  • Sarap Sarap!

  • Indeed a great place. They also have the KCC branch. Ate Cristy entrusted Baden Surmillon to manage both places. Wifi is fast. Don’t forget to go to the restroom when your visit, you will know why when you’re inside. Wise choice to have it as your first coffee shop review. Regards!

    • tnx kuya lau! hope alot of generals will experience our delightful coffee

  • one of my favorite coffee shops! nice blog manay!

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