Apr 5, 2011

Food Trip #21: Leeonga Mongolian & Seafood Restaurant

It was a working lunch and Mario Valentino was footing the bill

After closing the deal, it was time for lunch

I didn’t expect much from this free meal

But I sure was pleasantly surprised with what we had

Thanks Mario, this probably is the most expensive FREE lunch I ever had <wink!>

For appetizers, we had Crispy Crablets

Nothing fancy about this viand because I’ve tasted better

But I’ll give this one a “B+” for effort

The crablets are indeed crunchy but the dip needs a little kick

It just did not match — sayang!

Now this one’s the best of lot — Grilled Diana

Diana is considered as the fish that tastes like pork meat

They grilled this marinated fish to perfection

Just enough for it to taste tender and juicy

And with your own dip-mixture, you can never  go wrong

Surprisingly, I was enamored with their Grilled Tuna Belly

It probably helped that it has been a while since my last grilled tuna meal

Grilling should not be overdone or else it would taste like wood

Leeonga’s chefs must be on top of their Grilling class

This is one of the best tasting tuna belly that I’ve ever tasted

I always dread eating at a restaurant offering Mongolian food

I’m not good at picking the choices for my Mongolian meal

This time, I asked the waitress to do the choosing for me

When she asked me which ones to cook — I just said:  “All the works.”

Good thing they were offering a Mongolian Special

And voilà! my first Mongolian meal at Leeonga’s was good to go

Great stuff here — the veggies remained crunchy and a-okay

It looked like I was having pansit guisado but it sure tasted better than pansit

After seeing the ingredients all fresh and uncooked

I couldn’t help but be awestruck with the finished product — this one really delivered!

I like the ambience of Leeonga’s

It’s cozy and airy and the service is really good

Would you believe that this meal cost Mario a little over 500 buck?

Leeonga’s is right across Sun City Suites

Go try them out anytime soon.

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  • WALANG HIYA KA ORMAN….. ginutom mo ako… Nagda-diet ako. Mapaparami kain ko mamaya. Huhuhuhu!

    • hahahaha nakaka-in love ka naman kung magmura! hahahahaha! sige kain lang ng kain…

  • You’re always welcome Sir O! More lunch meetings pa esp mag open na ang Royale Gensan Branch this May! You’re the Super O of The Dream Team- The Champions!hehehe!

    • thanks for introducing me to leeonga’s! and yes… more business for the Royale Dream Team…

  • Thanks a lot for the great review! God bless you..

    • it was worth the visit and i have actually returned many times already….

    • always a pleasure going back there…

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