Apr 5, 2011

Food Trip #22: Cinco Nina’s Filipino Cuisine

I have been looking forward to visiting the latest project of my client in Koronadal

It was not only an opportunity for a look-see and do some validation

I was also excited about the opportunity of trying out Cinco Nina’s Filipino Cuisine

It has become a byword in this pristine city of Ilonggos

And I wouldn’t want to be out of loop for so long

For starters, we were served their Sizzling Sisig

Served in a hot plate with generous parts of a pig’s head and liver

This is one “pulutan” that has become a standard “hapunan”

It is so tasty especially when seasoned with the kalamansi and siling labuyo

You just have to try it with rice!  Awesome!

Crispy Pata or deep-fried pork legs was up next

Cinco Ninas is well-known for this Pinoy viand and this is considered their best-seller

I always go for the crunchy pork skin first then decide to proceed or not

Just one bite and that’s it — this one delivered with a punch!

No wonder it is a popular dish because it sure tasted pinoy na pinoy…

What eventually floored me was their Dinuguan or Blood Stew

Apparently this viand has been passed on from generations

I must admit that I am biased for my Dad’s version of dinuguan

But with just a whiff of its scent, I immediately wanted to try it

And try it I did again and again — I was in dinuguan heaven!

Capping our sumptuous lunch was a serving of pandan-flavored coco meat and gulaman

This was such a refreshing dessert that I asked for a second serving

It was just right — not too sweet nor bland — simply tasteful

It took away the aftertaste of whatever we had for lunch

And that for me was great news!

Cinco Niñas Filipino Cuisine offers the greatest fine dine service in the heart of Koronadal City.  It has the sensation of Filipino culture through food affection.  A trace of your history, the place of your greatest taste.  All major credit cards are accepted.  Functions rooms are available for meetings and other gatherings.  For reservations, you may call 083 228 9365.

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  • Mareeeee! Absolutely love their Sisig and the Crispy Pata. Paggamit ng photos mo for my newspaper article. 🙂

    • sure mare… go lang…

  • will try this pag napadaan ako sa MARBEL Orms. Thanks for sahring delectable posts. Kaya lang, GRRRRRR!!!!! pandamay ka ba… makakakain ako ng sandamakmak mamaya!

    • hehehehe okay lang yan olan… bawiin mo na lang ng pagdyi-gym… cute ka pa rin naman ah…

  • wow.. tamang tama pa-marbel kami tomorrow.. hope we can pass by cinco ninas! 🙂

    • make sure na matikman mo ang lutong pinoy nila… sulit talaga…

  • I like sisig! I wish I can go to koronadal on my way to Polomoloc? duol lang man guro na… dili lang ko sa dinuguan — hehe Iglesia man ko (eow!)

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