Apr 5, 2011

Food Trip #23: Trellis ‘n Vines Restaurant

It was a tiring day and we were all famished

I started the day flying out of Singapore at 1:00 in the morning

By 4:00 am I was in Manila then by 9:00 am I was back in Gensan

After a quick rest, we had to travel to Davao for a friend’s wedding

By the time the wedding ceremonies was over, I was closed to collapsing from fatigue

An invite to dine at Trellis n’ Vines brought me back to life

I loved how their food were presented

This Thai-Beef Salad is formed like a small mound

The garnishing are so tempting that you just have to jump in and savor it

For me, this is really one good starter-meal

It immediately brought down my hunger pangs

Making me enjoy every part of this sumptuous feast

You should try their Baby Back Ribs

Not only was the meat succulent and tender

It was so deeply-flavored to-the-bone

Every bite was so deliciously engaging

It didn’t take long for us to consume this winner-of-a-viand

Then there’s the Chicken Biryani Rice

This Pakistan/Indian-influenced meal is a must-order

They were able to cook up a mouth-watering feast

The curry-flavored rice blended well with the chicken toppings

This alone is a complete meal already

Eating Crispy Noodles is always a thrill to do

This is basically raw rice noodles fried to golden crispiness

The sweet creamy sauce could be mistaken for chop suey if separated

You have to get portions of the crispy noodle first then the sauce

Mix this well in your plate then you’re good to go

We also tried their Vietnamese Fried Chicken

I thought it would be too oily but I was wrong

This is loads-better than any fried chicken I’ve encountered

I could taste the exotic herbs and spices used to marinate the chicken

And the special vinegar-dip was the perfect match to this Asian viand

This was something new to me:  Fresh Fruit Crepes

I’ve always taken crepes with single fillings with vanilla ice cream topping

It takes some getting used to because I couldn’t determine which fruit I was tasting

The filling consisted of  mangoes, apples and bananas cooked together in thick syrup

Their crepe on the other hand was perfect and tasted sweet

Another winner is their Banana Roll in Peanut syrup

First things first:  This originated from Trellis’ owner Divine Magtoto

The banana was not over-cooked so it remained tender

Its outer covering was crispy but didn’t break when you cut thru it

The generous peanut-based syrup gave it the added zest

Taste the BEST of Filipino Cuisine and selected Asian dishes at Trellis ‘n Vines.  They recently opened their F. Torres Branch beside the Davao Convention Center.  All major credit cards are accepted.  Their F. Torres Branch has a function room that can accommodate 30 persons.  Reservations are accepted in all their branches.  Contact numbers are Matina: 2978463; Casa Maria: 295-1883; Mabini: 2263117; F. Torres: 2867694 and 2215566.

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  • My favorites are the baby back ribs, the chicken biryani, and the banana roll. 🙂

    • i love the chicken biryani rice… kaines… nag-agawan talaga kami ni koya avel! nakakahiya! hahahaha!

  • Brendel and I have been meaning to dine there. Which branch did you go to? I like the pics you posted.

    • we went to the newly opened branch along f. torres, katabi ng davao convention center… you should try them out… sulit talaga!

  • Thank you so much kuya orman ;-)… Try also the kinilaw with lechon kawali…
    My personal favorite is the chicken biryani and the crepe… Watch out for the new menu next week… more dishes to try!!! 😉

    • it was all worth the wait… sobrang sarap ng inihanda mo for us… next time dalhin ko ang mga officemates ko dyan… thanks divine!!!

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  • a warning to those wanting to get their service as caterer

    February 7, 2011 at 9:15am

    note: this is a letter i wrote for trellis and vines but i never even got a reply from them for their explanation – how unprofessional.

    this is a feedback on what happened during the catering i had with you last night at casa maria and i hope you would put attention on this as this is such a very discouraging experience.

    last night was the birthday party of my son to which i had 30 kids meals ordered aside from the 55 regular catering. the menu i had for the kids meal were spaghetti with meatball, fried chicken with gravy, brownies then ice cream. the choice you had in your menu was either brownies or cookies, i preferred cookies then since we were bringing in cookies and cupcakes that night. to my disappointment what was given to the kids were cupcakes. i asked you staff about it and no one could give me a direct answer, until i was just told the brownies were not available. as simple as that

    1. joan who made me sign the catering contract knew i was bringing in cupcakes
    2. why didn’t anyone ask for my approval for the cupcakes when in fact your staff at casa was able to get in touch with me to confirm my reservation
    3. brownies not available – i made my booking and paid the required 50% down on tuesday feb 2 and made the final payment on friday feb 4. with that lead time the brownies are not available?

    i told your staff i cannot accept that explanation they better have a better one, but all they could do was stare at me. kung sana wala kaming dalang cupcakes that night, i would not have minded but unfortunately, you knew i was bringing in cupcakes.

    while we were assessing the food you served, we booked 55 regular meals, there were 52 adults and only about 19 kids, there were 10 of us who took instead the children’s meal since there were were extra’s that leaves about let’s put it as 45 adults taking part in the regular meal and yet, the food was just enough to feed those 45, what if all 30 kids and 55 adults came? i hope you could re assess the estimate you do on your food, even the refill for your food we had to ask your servers kung wala na ba, saka lang nila inilalabas ang extra, makes us think we are shortchanged. your iced tea alone, was not cold, and it being unlimited they were only putting 1 pitcher on the drinks table kailangan pang humingi na irefill ang pitcher. at the end of the day we went home bringing the rice with us, yes ultimo rice we brought home so we can eat again that night pag uwi, and what did your servers say to my mom, “Ma’am, pwede salini pud mi ug kan-on?”

    1. this is the first time i got your services bec you were recommended to us. i have no issues with the taste of your food, but with the servings please reassess, kami ang napapahiya sa mga bisita. had i known ganoon lang ang serving niyo i would have added more.
    2. this is in house catering, you should have done better than i had you as outside caterer. your staff was not even dresses appropriately for the affair, no uniforms? lest even your table cloths doesn’t even have proper laundering, stains on the cloth were so visible, even the red table cloth which i asked to be placed on top of the gift table was polka dotted with stain.
    3. kung sa amin nga kulang na ang pagkain, do you still expect us to feed your staff for in house catering? if i had the catering at home, given yon i feed them but not in house.
    4. i paid corkage for the cake, a corkage is paid to settle for additional things that i will need for the cake like fork, plates, knife, when i serve it. i asked for those things, i had more than 50 guests, and guess how many platito did they give, d pa umabot ng 10. if that is the case, what is the corkage for?

    this last comment i am going to give you did not come from me but from my guests, kaya lang ako pa rin ang nahiya dahil ako yung host,
    1. do clean up your cr and fix the locks. babae ka, try to use your facilities cr, kaya mo bang umihi na d mo man lang malock ang pinto?
    2. we arrived at the casa maria almost 5pm already there were 2 kids and their kuya who came way to early, inabutan namin sila playing sa playground, the 6 year old came to greet me and guess what she said, take note she is 6, tita play sana kami sa slide, pero madumi man. I had to tell your front desk to get someone to clean it up since kids were coming and even my son loves playgrounds. I was never able to check on this if they did clean the slide.

    you have a good place and good food in your hands, but please improve your services. tell your staff to be more professional, clean up your place, if your linens are all old and dirty na, consider buying new one, it is worth the investment, you’ll loose more prospective clients with your old system, I myself would not even plan of booking with you again with the experience i just had. that was the first time i attended a function in your place, had i known in the first place, i would have not pushed through.
    1. assign someone to be in the function area at all times if ever the party host has a concern or a need and they should properly introduce themselves to the host (just like what a headwaiter would be doing). they should also be the one to monitor the status of the food on the food table. (nag iisa ako kahapon, greeting the guest, monitoring the games and the program, sana naman yung pagkain since i had it catered, asikasuhin ninyo. and even the sound system, have someone operate it, we had to do it ourselves)
    2. clean up your place before, during and after.
    3. buy new linens – it is worth it
    4. tell your servers to wear uniforms, to look clean
    5. don’t be skimpy on your food
    6. reposition your food table, or reposition the vent of the aircon. napansin ko kagabi yung aircon sa likuran nakatutok sa food, may warmer ka nga kaso mas malamig ang buga ng aircon, lumamig pa rin ang pagkain. i told your server about it, but kuwidaw di man lang ako pinansin
    7. tell your staff to act more professional, last tuesday when i signed the contract at mabini, joan was attending to us, while we were finalizing, customers she knew came, here attention was divided between us and the other customers, and even talking in a loud voice when people she knew was outside the door.
    8. have new contracts printed – mine was looking more of a scratch when i was asked to fill it up, gusot gusot na, may mga sulat sulat pa. and do provide your client with a copy of the contract as well.

    i hope you do welcome feedback as constructive and not take this as a comment from a very disappointed client (even though I admit it was a very disappointing experience). look at the things i mentioned to you about, baka hindi mo lang rin napansin.

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