May 16, 2011

Food Trip #24: Asian Tongue Restaurant

Gensan’s newest kid on the restaurant block recently opened

Asian Tongue Restaurant is a fusion of anything Asian

Formed by a group of young entrepreneurs

Whose goal is to change the eating habits of Generals

Tall order but yes it is doable and possible

Their freebie appetizer is called Cheesy Seaweed

Now don’t be deceived by the seaweed-angle because this is no seaweed at all

Resident Manager Vince explained that this is basically fried bihon

Arranged like seaweeds under the sea and topped with cheese powder

This innovative appetizer is certainly a delight to eat

We also tried their Sizzling Pinoy Sisig served on a hot plate

I’ve tasted many a sisig to last a lifetime so I didn’t expect much

Surprisingly I loved the crispiness of the meat and how it jived with the fried egg

In sisig, you always get an aftertaste of the oil

I didn’t have that umay taste at all — it was simply delicious

We also tried their  Pork Yakitori

Yakitori is Japanese for any skewered food

Served atop a cup of fried rice with pickled papaya siding

This one’s a must-order because of its soft and succulent meat

The sweetness of the sauce covering the meat seals the deal

For dessert we were served the Banana|Lychee in cocomilk and Sago

I expected it to be very sweet but was pleasantly introduced

To one of the best-tasting desserts I’ve ever tasted

Served chilled, the banana slices blended well with soft lychee

And with sago bits “swimming” is sweet cocomilk — it was like nirvana!

Asian Tongue Restaurant is located along Roxas Avenue across the City Social Welfare Building.  There is no aircon facilities so manage your expectations.  They offer free WiFi so that should balance the equation.  The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday from 10am – 2pm and from 6pm – 12mn.

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