May 30, 2011

Pastries & Cakes Haven #1: Aunt Ludi’s Bakeshoppe

I love pastries — I have a sweet tooth

I had a blast reviewing the pastries of Aunt Ludi’s Bakeshoppe

Together with Ernan and my niece Am-am

We meticulously tasted each and every pastry

First up were the Cream cheese cupcakes

This is not the choco-moist variety

Ernan thought so that’s why he was disappointed

As a cupcake I find it okay and passable

The cream cheese in the middle just might put you off

It takes a while before you’d appreciate the whole thing

This Banana Muffin wins in terms of presentation

I always love a good banana cake

So I had high expectations for this one

However I couldn’t seem to get to the “banana-ness” of this muffin

It just wasn’t there and was really off-putting

I consumed the whole thing and still — none…

It is the Carrot raisin loaf that really made me smile

Carrot cakes unlike banana cakes should never taste like carrot

It shouldn’t even smell like carrot or it’s gonna be  a flop

This one delivers the oomph and the aahhh!

It is moist and soft and smelled freshly-baked

And it tasted so perfectly well that I didn’t wanna share

This Chocolate red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting is better!

The cupcakes were moist and really tasted good

This time, it blended well with the cream cheese frosting

My niece Am-am said that this was her favorite

The cream cheese frosting was sweet and no sourness there

Kids always love their sweet icing on a cake

Topping the Carrot raisin loaf with cream cheese frosting & almonds was a s stroke of genius

It gave this cake more “personality”

And the cream cheese frosting really blended well

The almonds shavings was an added bonus too

This is one pastry that I won’t be ashamed to give away

I just hope it is still gonna be affordable

The Dulce de leche filled sponge cake was awesome

This was topped with whipped cream, caramel & mango

Just by the looks of it, anyone would definitely want it

This sponge cake was surprisingly “full” and tasted really good

I usually get bothered by whipped cream as topping

But I didn’t mind it at all this time around

Their Cinnamon sugar cookies are both crunchy and soft

And you can really smell the cinnamon flavor

It’s a little bit sweet but not bothersome

Having to eat a cookie that was crunchy and soft was an experience in itself

Still I’d go for my cookie that doesn’t crumble

I suggest that they just make it like any other cookie — crunchy-licious!

A variation of their cookies is the Jam thumbprint cookies

Smack in the middle of each cookie is a jam-flavored gell

This makes you want to get right to the middle of the cookie

And the jam thumbprint does not disappoint

It tasted like softer gummy bears

It just have to be crunchier though

Aunt Ludi’s Bakeshoppe is proudly a Homegrown Gensan Brand with branches at Robinsons Place GenSan and J&G Propriedad Building, Nunez Street, Purok Malakas.  You have to try their other bread offerings.  Email them at [email protected].

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  • hmmm.. you look so serious here.. 😉

  • Masarap talaga cakes nila. Kanina blueberry cake ng Aunt Ludi’s ang snack ko =)

    • wow blueberry is one of my faves!!!

  • woot.sarap naman. .
    naglaway ako sa Dulce de leche filled sponge cake! parang ang yumminess lang.

  • do they have brazo de mercedes?

    • meron din! now that you mentioned it para tuloy gusto kong kumain nyan… hehehehe

  • Sir Orman, nice photos! Did you take these photos? Superb…

    • yes i did using my panasonic lumix lx3…

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