May 31, 2011

Salad Days #1: Bigby’s Gensan

I had nothing to do that Saturday weekend

Ernan was driving so we decided to go malling

I took time to choose two pairs of office shoes

Since I was happy with my purchases

I treated myself to a hearty snack

At Robinson’s Place Gensan, Bigby’s is a favorite hangout

I love their Tiki Wacky Chicken Salad

This is a chunky salad treat with fresh tomatoes, sweet yellow mangoes and grapes

There’s a generous amounts of Walnuts, Cheese and bread croutons too

But the main component is the uber creamy and delicious chicken salad

All these is served on top of crisp Romaine Lettuce

At 220.00 pesos I consider this a full meal already

The perfect match for my salad was their Strawberry Lemonade (85.00)

Nothing fancy about this juice drink

It was just plain lemonade mixed with strawberry concoction

The lemon slices gave it an added piquancy

And it was not too sweet too which was very okay with me

At least it really complimented my salad

A pleasant treat from Smart Communications is a serving of Banana Fanna

This is the second time that I got this freebie from Smart (via text message)

Banana Fanna (95.00) is a gorgeous dessert of fried fan-shaped banana

This is topped with Vanilla ice cream sprinkled with toffee-caramel sauce

Its yummy sidekick of turon stuffed with sweet custard and jackfruit (langka)

This is then coated with choice nuts — certainly a delight to eat

Bigby’s Gensan is located at Robinson’s Place Gensan.  They are open from Monday to Sunday and serves lunch and dinner — they serve coffee too. Bigby’s accepts major credit cards.  Check their website at


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  • Bigby’s never disappoints.:)

    • truly…madly…deeply!

  • yummy! love the tiki wacky chicken salad..

    • sobrang love ko ang tiki wacky chicken salad nila manay, as in!!!

  • banana fanna = LIKE!!!

    being a sweet tooth, this hits the right spots… i always have this whenever i’m at bigby’s… 🙂

  • Mukhang yummy lahat! Will definitely try everything…
    Maasahan ka talaga ach, basta food 😉

  • looking at the photo’s busog na.

  • i can eat tiki wacky for lunch & dinner and never have to worry about gaining weight. it’s very healthy!

    • same here… i had it last week and as usual… HEAVEN!

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