Jun 4, 2011

Food Trip #25: Sentro 1850

It’s been a while since my last visit to Cagayan de Oro City

This time — instead of traveling by land, I opted to take a plane from Davao

I should have done this in my past trips — it was less stressful

Anyway, I arrived a little past eleven so we decided to take an early lunch

Gloria only had one thing in mind:  Sentro 1850

It’s a cozy abode with modern interiors and a homey atmosphere

We were well taken cared of by our server

I liked their seats too — comfortable and sturdy

We agreed that we will share what we will order

Gloria ordered her favorite Ima’s Kawali (PhP200.00)

Apparently this is their bestseller and I can see  why

This crispy deep fried pork belly is served with two sauces

The tasty liver sauce & the spicy vinaigrette makes for two different experiences

It was like ordering two meals in one — both very tasty

The pork belly was fried to perfection and its crispiness is top-caliber

I chose their Bric-A-Brac Baby Back (PhP220.00)

Because I wanted to compare Gensan’s best BBR with Sentro 1850’s version

This Louisiana-styled charcoal-grilled baby back ribs is actually awesome

Basted with smoke barbeque sauce, the meat is succulently soft

It literally melts in the mouth and never leaves an aftertaste

I consumed it with gusto and even used my fingers

This viand ranks high on my list of must-orders

For my drink, I ordered their yellow mango shake

In fairness, it tasted like sweet and ripe

The creaminess of this shake is commendable too

There were no ice particles in it

It was like eating ice cream through a straw

I wanted another glass but was embarrass to order one

Sentro 1850 opened in Cagayan de Oro in 2002 and has since established a loyal clientele base that has made it one of the more profitable restaurants in the city.  They’re open from Monday to Sunday (from 10am to 12mn).  They have function rooms for private parties, meetings and conferences.  They also also cater events like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.  For queries and reservations, call them at +63-8822-731850 or +63-88-8541850.

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  • One of the best restaurants here in Cagayan de Oro! Bric-A-Bac rin ang isa sa favorites ko sa Sentro 1850 pati narin ang Fish Gratin 🙂

    • i wanna try bric-a-brac real soon…

  • Loved the food

    • sobrang sarap dito… as in!

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