Jun 12, 2011

Food Trip #26: Alor’s (A Home Kitchen)

Alor’s is that restaurant beside Yummy Burger

Both are located along Torres Street

Deciding to eat at Alor’s for lunch was a good decision

We discovered another goldmine in Davao’s restaurants

The place is cozy and clean — the chairs are comfortable too

Service was superb and very fast — we were treated like kings & queens

Without even ordering yet, we were served toasted bread

With homemade cheese pimiento which was so delicious

We had to request for another serving

Because our side consumed it like a tsunami

I must admit that it was a good appetizer

We ordered Lengua ala Lorenza (280.00)

This is their version of lengua estofado

Considered a Chef’s choice — this viand gets an “A” for tenderness

The ox tongue literally melts in the mouth

And you don’t get that strong whiff of smelly beef meat

We also ordered their Knock out knuckles (180.00)

This is basically every Pinoy’s favorite adobong baboy

Pork Knuckles are stewed to adobo perfection such that you can smell it from afar

This viand is laid on a bed of steamed pechay

I felt the pechay balanced the sweetness of the stew

Ours was an “unhealthy” feast that day

We also ordered their Pork Chop Steak (285.00)

This pan-grilled pork chop tasted very ordinary

It was served with rice but you have the choice of potato gratin

Nothing much to say about this viand except that it was served hot

Mama Alor is the matriarch of the family and still oversees the way food are prepared.  She and her family have provided us their great cooking style from their Yummy Chicken and Burger Haus for over two decades now.  Alor’s: A Home Kitchen was eventually opened to provide more delightful meals for everyone.  Both restaurants are located F Torres Street, Davao City.  For reservations and inquiries, you may contact them at (82) 222-5577.  Alor’s is open from 11:00am to 2:00pm and 5:30pm to 10:00pm, daily.

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  • hmmmmm ma try din at least may bagong kainan naman kaming puntahan sa davao 🙂

    • it’s gonna be worth your while…

      • Sooooo looking forward to sampling the pork knuckles! 🙂

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