Jun 18, 2011

Food Trip #27: Sunburst Fried Chicken

One of my favorite hang-outs while in college was Sunburst Fried Chicken (SFC)

I think it was my AIESEC buddies who introduced me to the world of SFC

That time — for me, chicken is cooked two-ways:  Fried or Adobo (Lutong-Toyo)

When I took my first bite of SFC’s Classic Fried Chicken — I got hooked

The funny thing is that I craved for their chicken tail more than anything else

SFC in Davao City looked tired and dreary both outside and inside

The service was passable but the ambience just felt old

There seem to be a lack of inspiration in the place

For a cut-throat restaurant industry, they should shape up as soon as possible

Their Fried Chicken Tail (Esol) is among their prime cuts (161.00)

Each order consists of eight to ten pieces of crispy-fried esol

A chilled siding of cole slow and french fries are served with a cup of rice

I felt nostalgic just seeing my favorite (and all-too-familiar) SFC meal

It still tasted the same:  Deliciously crunchy on the outside

And delightfully tender and juicy on the inside

For my dip, I asked for their Banana catsup

I usually mix it with Worcestershire sauce and hot chili sauce

That’s the only way to savor this meal

We also ordered their Pinoy Classic Crispy Pata (338.00)

It was my first time to try their version but I tempered my expectations

I immediately took a piece of crispy pork skin if it passes muster

Well, it had the crunch that was needed and it tasted delicious too

Surprisingly, even the knuckles tasted really good

I just find their vinegar dip (with minced garlic) lacking the “kick”

But over-all, I loved SFC’s version of this Pinoy Classic meal

I should have not ordered their Sotanghon Guisado (75.00)

This viand needs a major-major revamp

I find it too oily for comfort and it almost spoiled my appetite

My other companions must have felt the way  I did

They, too, were ignoring it despite being cajoled to eat more

I had it wrapped to-go and gave it to my niece for her midnight snacks later

Later on, I found out that she intentionally left it in the car

Enough said.

Sunburst Fried Chicken is located along Tiongko Avenue, Davao City, right across Kangaroo Cafe.  They’re open daily serving lunch and dinner.  All major credit cards are accepted.  For particulars and reservations, you may call them at (082) 2224844.

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  • Nakakita na naman ako ng pagkain huhu ayoko na 😐 Miss ko yung Chicken Skin nila sa Ayala Cebu branch

    • sis… dapat wag kang antukin sa gensan this september para rampa to the max tayo…

  • Hi Orman, just got here in Bangkok. I had fond memories of Sunburst Fried Chicken from when I was growing up in Iligan. Pasalubong nina Mommy at Daddy after their evening classes. I wait for them till late dahil sa pasalubong hehehe.

    • hopefully we can visit you there next year… gusto mong dalhan kita ng sunburst? hehehehe…

  • Love the Fried Chicken and the Chicken Skin. 🙂

    • sabi ko na nga ba na may nakalimutang akong orderin… the chicken skin is really to die for!!!

  • deep fried crispy chicken “buntot” or the “kibol” ba yan?” i forgot the name – ftw dipped in vinegar with crushed garlic

    • it’s called esol… and yes… masarap if dipped in vinegar with crushed bawang!

  • sunburst’s chicken skin never fails to put a smile in my face… gudlak na lang sa kolesterol-ever-so-much… hahaha… we had sunburst sa gensan back in the day – around early 90’s siguro – sa pendatun avenue, beside panlaque shop (atbang sa police station)… sunburst was one of the first places i went to, when i arrived here in cebu close to six years ago (after the steamed fried rice sa ding hao/ding qua qua)… i guess i’ll be in sunburst this weekend – because of this post… hahaha… and their banana catsup + worcestershire saue dip = classic… bon appetit!!!

    • natuloy ka ba sa sunburst? nalalaway ako sa chicken crispy skin nila!!!! grrrrr!!!!

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