Jun 20, 2011

Food Trip #29: Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu & Grill

The last Shabu-shabu meal I had was over two years ago in Manila

So when Grace suggested Tong Yang Shabu-shabu & Grill for lunch

I immediately said yes without batting an eyelash

This restaurant is a cozy affair where seats are comfortable

The waiters are knowledgeable of their menu and attended to us warmly

Cooking what you ordered is a big challenge for most diners

And a helpful staff is a big-big plus for us

One of them even offered to do the grilling which we obliged

To make it easier for their customers to choose their shabu-shabu ingredients

Tong Yang created Set Meals that included noodles, vegetables, seafood and meat

With it were two kinds of cold salad — potato and macaroni

You’re also given the choice between the regular and spicy soup stock

Siempre, I opted for the spicy one to make my meal more challenging

The waiters were very helpful — they readily answered all my questions

I always find it “kwela” cooking your own meal right on your dining table

I was literally salivating because the smell was so inviting

That day, I was floored by the great-tasting shabu-shabu meal ever

Then were were the skewered part of our lunch

This time, one of their staff did the grilling for us

The fragrance of butter filled the restaurant as she readied the grill

All the meat (chicken, pork and beef) tasted tepanyaki-sweet

I loved the chicken most because it was the most tender

The pork ribs were also succulently good

It was the beef portions that I find lacking in tenderness

Over-all though, I still would recommend this set menu

Here’s a tip:  Remind the waiter to put off the grill

Burnt butter gives a pungent smell always

Tong Yang is located along Gov. Sales Street in the same building where Chimes is located. They’re open daily, from 11:00 am to 2:00 m and from 6:00 to 10:00 in the evening.  All major credit cards are accepted.  For reservations, please call 225-0270 or text (918)395-6507.

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  • Gusto ko tuloy mag shabu-shabu.. 🙂

    • hehehehe… pati ako ginutom sa post na ito…

  • Hello Orman.

    I am also a big fan of Shabu Shabu.

    Just wondering how the set meals were priced compared to Manila shabu shabu restos?

    • davao prices – i think – were a lot cheaper than manila… i think i paid a little over 3k for the five of us including drinks…

  • wow this shabu shabu is way cheaper compared in cebu p11k well there were around 10 of us.. way back 2007..

  • yes.. definitely much more cheaper and u will get the satisfaction and value of money you spent..GO GO GO lets enjoy fun-dining.

    • sulit talaga… i hope when you visit di masyado maraming tao para sa inyo lahat ang attention ng waiters…

  • hi Sir,
    I want to THANK you for this post, I never knew na meron pala shabu-shabu & grill here sa Davao yaaaay, kini lagi dili laagan, naging dayuhan sa sariling lugar, ka ulaw! he he he. SALAMAT ANI MONG BLOG Sir Orman.

    • daghan pang lain na blog post diri … just feel free to check them out… i have quite a number of pending posts… uber busy lang talaga… thanks for visiting…

  • […] Shabu-shabu meal – Shabu-shabu is always a “messy” affair for me until I tried Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu & Grill.  Not only is the waiter at your beck and call, they can also do the cooking for you or just opt […]

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