Jun 12, 2011

Pastries & Cakes Haven #2: Giacomino’s Cafe & Bakeshoppe

Giacomino’s may be known for their pizza and pasta

But since four years ago, they started  baking breads, pastries and cakes too

And two years ago, I discovered their hamburger buns

My “love affair” with the Giaco Bun has since grown to an addiction

The bun smells fresh and feels “full” and doesn’t go pffftt when pressed

Put it in the fridge and it will stay fresh especially when oven-toasted

I recently tried their version of Bagels a type of bread which is popular in America

This is baked in a special way — boiling the dough for a short while then baked

Thus its texture is kinda chewy and thick but still yummy

Topped with sesame seeds or garlic sprinkles

These bagels are best with any cheese of your liking

One of my favorite pastries here are their Hopia variants

They offer mongo, ube and onion flavors in the old-fashion flaky types

I love the onion variant the most because it’s the less sugary

Try putting your hopia in an oven toaster and you’ll even loved them more

Their hopia is among their bestsellers — they always run out of it

Try their cookies too because theirs are crunchy

The chocolate-chip cookies are a little on the sweet side

But at least it’s not sugary sweet — methinks it’s the choco chips that did it

The brown cookies are of the “healthy” cookies made with oatmeal

I’m not a big fan of oatmeal but this cookie tasted good

Giacomino’s Cafe and Bakeshoppe has three stores in Gensan:  Their main store is located at Arcade 1 of East Asia Royale Hotel while two branches are located at J&G Propriedad Building, Purok Malakas, and at the Al Fresco Strip of Robinson’s Place Gensan.

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  • I love your blog, my short stay is starving lol! – will hop over again and browse slowly… In the meantime, I’ve linked you in my blogroll.

    The Cuisineuer

    • thanks for visiting … will update my blogroll soon..

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