Jul 3, 2011

Food Trip #30: Roadhouse Cafe

It was my first time to set foot on SM in Cagayan de Oro

From the airport, we proceeded to Roadhouse Cafe

It is a homegrown restaurant known for its flame-grilled steaks

Roadhouse Cafe might be a misnomer but their loyal clients doesn’t seem to mind

That time all the tables were taken and the atmosphere was perky

We were treated graciously and swiftly — in no time, our orders were served

I ordered their Grilled Porterhouse Steak (225 pesos per 100 gms)

I ordered it medium/well but decided to have it well-done

Its buttered vegetable sidings were tasted fresh and crunchy

The gravy was okay but I always like my steak with worcestershire sauce and tabasco

Nothing fancy about their steak because I’ve tasted better ones

The meat was tender and sweet but it lack the oomph that I was looking for in a steak

Apparently, their steaks come from cattle raised organically in their Bukidnon farm

Roadhouse Cafe has a modern design for a restaurant.  The tables are arranged in such a way that it’s easy for their waiters to “navigate.”  Service is warm and fast.  The seats are also very comfortable.  They are are open daily based on Mall hours.  Major credit cards are accepted.  For reservations, you may call them at 859-1717.

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  • I wonder what’s that oomph that you are looking for. hehehehe…

    • it’s like having sex… kanang enjoy jud unta ka ba… hehehehe!

  • wahahaha naa man dae ka CDO ikaw lagi to ako nakita 😛

    • yup been going to cdo lately…

  • Ni adto baka dire sa US ( Virginia ) katong reunion sa Dameans uban ni Brother Willy?

    Sayang, you should have tried the steaks of Morton’s or Jeff Ruby’s. It should give the “oomph”.

    Ala man pud mi kaadto didto kay nagsakit mi ato na week last month…

    • hindi rin ako nakapunta — my visa was expiring then and i didn’t have the time to renew… i would love to try those restos soon… treat mo ako ha? ehehehehe! thanks for visiting…

  • Sure… next time… pag punta mo rito at may pera ako…hahahaha… libre kita.

  • High quality steaks are appreciated and enjoyed medium to medium rare, and definitely NOT WELL DONE. But if you are doubtful about the quality of the steaks, I guess its better to be safe than sorry to have it cooked to completion.

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