Sep 14, 2011

Food Trip #31: Cafe Laguna

Cafe Laguna started as a small restaurant in 1991

I remember hying off to their comfortable nook along Veterans Drive, Lahug, Cebu City

Nomnoming on their fresh lumpia then brought back good memories

Their Merienda Cena menu was just awesome

So when I saw that their CDO Branch is right smack at my hotel

I was salivating to kingdom come

Will they floor me again like in the past?

For starters, we ordered their Tinolang Manok (200.00)

Since Cafe Laguna is known to dish-out home cooked meals

My expectations for this viand was quite high

Unfortunately, I was disappointed because it was rather bland

It would been better if they used native chicken meat

That would have made this taste better

I’m a sucker for Pata Humba/Pork Hocks Stew (300.00)

This is cooked like adobo which is every Pinoys favorite

Well, Cafe Laguna redeemed themselves with this serving

The sauce was sweet but not too much

And the pork meat was soft and very tasteful

Despite the “absence” of fried bananas, I still enjoyed this meal

We also ordered Cream Dory Fillet with oriental sauce (200.00)

Dory is actually pangasius fish meat and is very succulent

The oriental sauce was a perfect match to the flat “dory-taste”

It was a good thing that they added pechay and lettuce

It added more zest to this viand making it taste better

I just felt that they unexpectedly overcooked this

I’ve been loving Pandan Chicken (190.00) since I first tasted it

This originated from Thailand and has since become popular with the Pilipino palate

The pandan leaves are supposed to give the chicken meat its fragrance

Well, if they didn’t deep-fry it a minute too much

Still the meat was soft and juicy and very tasty

So much so that I actually asked for kalamansi and toyo as sawsawan!

And finally, dessert — Buko Pandan and Puto Bumbong were served

This really refreshed my fascinating memories about Cafe Laguna

Their Buko Pandan with its gracious serving of coco-meat and pandan gulaman is a winner

It’s served chilled and the sweetness was just enough

Their Puto Bumbong is simply superb because they still used margarine as topping

Methinks, margarine is the best way to go with it

The gelatinous rice was sticky but never got stuck between the teeth

The desserts just made my Cafe Laguna experience, awesome!

Cafe Laguna in Cagayan de Oro City is located at the ground level of Malberry Suites.  They are open daily from 8:30 am – 11:00 pm.  All major credit cards are accepted.  For reservations, you may call them at (088) 858-2999.

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  • Love their kare kare there!!!

    • i will try that the next time around…masarap din daw ang crispy lechon kawali nila…

  • Quite pricey compared to their branch in Abreeza (Davao)… Anyway, delicious food. You should try their Crispy Pata..

    • i agree… medyo di ako happy sa ibang viands but overall pwede na din…

  • Wow… It makes me hungry. My favorite is the Pandan Chicken. Yum yum 🙂

    • i’ve always love pandan chicken pero mas masarap pa rin sa A Taste of Siam…

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