Oct 18, 2011

Food Trip #33: Gerry’s Grill @ Abreeza

When Davao’s Abreeza Mall opened I made a mental note to try one of the restaurants there

There were just so many dining establishments and I got overwhelmed

As always your choice will always lean towards the familiar

Gerry’s Grill has been a favorite ever since so decided to dine there

It was Order-One-Take-One-Nilagang-Bulalo day so I felt it was a steal

Ten minutes after our orders were taken the Nilagang Bulalo (275.00) was served

Indeed we got two servings for the price of one — and these are really on big soup bowls

Preparation-wise, it looked ordinary and the soup base looked clear which was disappointing

For me, real Bulalo Soup has to show some oil — this one, didn’t and tasted bland

The only saving grace for this viand was the tenderness of the meat

Considered their best-seller, I had high hopes for the Sizzling Sisig (185.00)

At first glance, the serving really looked inviting and it smelled delicious

But when I started to mix it after pouring the kalamansi, I noticed something different

The whole thing just looked dry and it wasn’t the Sisig I expected

Worst thing is that the meat tasted “rubbery” liked it came straight from the microwave oven

We also ordered their yummy-looking Beef casserole (255.00)

This one’s overloaded with mashed potato, cheese and crispy-fried garlic

For a while there I thought that the yellowish topping was melted cheese

 It was actually sweet-tasting mashed potato which was a perfect balance for the meat

Hands down, their Sizzling Garlic Mushroom Chicken (215.00) was my favorite

Served on a hot plate — this came in sizzling and sooo-inviting

I think the chicken meat was stewed in soy sauce then deep-fried

The strong-scent of garlic made me want for more — bite after bite

This saved the day for Gerry’s Grill because this is really one glorious meal

Gerry’s Grill opened its second branch in Davao City at the Abreeza Mall.   All major credit cards are accepted.  Reservations may be made by calling them at (082) 321-0960.  They’re open DAILY for lunch and dinner.

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  • I was there yesterday for lunch with my mom. .I tried thier sisig. . You are indeed right but I was so hungry that I finished the whole plate for myself. . 🙂

    • in fairness MASARAP naman daw ang GERRY’S GRILL sa GAISANO MALL… masubukan nga minsan… sabay tayo laurence?

  • hi, ako what i love to order in Gerry’s grill is their Tinomok.. try nyo.. its like laing but its actually meatball covered in leaves 🙂 and their adobong puso rice is also yummy.. but then that’s my fave dishes to order in their alabang branch.. have yet to try their Abreeza branch 🙂 hopefully pareho lng din.

    • mare, i wanna try nga their laing kasi naiiba daw… that adobong puso rice made me crave for it…hamo next time yan ang oorderin namin ni laurence…hehehehe!

  • medyo mahal naman ng food .. pero, we will still try to eat there pag may enough money., 😀

    • medyo pricey nga considering na hindi naman ako masyadong nasarapan sa inorder ko. try mo ang mga recommendations ni lynette… yung laing, adobong puso rice and their karekare…

  • Sureness. . Libre mo ha. . Hehehe

    • try natin ang suggestions ni lynette… sige ilibre kita this time… next time ikaw naman ah… sa ranchero abreeza moko ilibre…hehehe!

  • I’ve had a NOT so good experience with Gerry’s Grill in Manila, so were my other friends.

    • unknowingly, i complained about my gerry’s bad experience to one of the owners mismo na client ko… omg moment yun pero i stood my ground na lang…

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