Oct 19, 2011

Food Trip #34: Siam (Reposted From GandaEverSoMuch.com)

Siam is a new restaurant in Cagayan de Oro

The popular Krua Thai chain is behind this new venture

I love Thai food – spices and all

So you can just imagine my excitement yesterday

Phad Thai Noodles with egg

Anybody who’s close to me would know that I love pansit guisado

Phad Thai Noodles comes close to my pinoy fave

The noodles are wrapped delicately like an omelette

The seafood mixture topped with fried bean curd makes this a winner

Chicken in Green Curry

I can stand anything that’s hot and spicy

So we ordered their Chicken in Green Curry

Nothing fancy about this viand

The chicken meat was tender but rather bland

However, its curry flavor gave it the necessary boost

While the strips of green pepper gave it an added zest

Thai-Style Stewed Pork Spare Ribs

Their Thai-Style Stewed Pork Spare Ribs were to die for

This is basically like our Pinoy adobo

But unlike its Pinoy counterpart

This one relied on soy sauce rather than vinegar

The pork meat literally “melts” in the mouth

The pechay and hard-boiled egg were a welcome addition

Bagoong Rice

I had to, once again, forego my no-rice diet

Siam’s Bagoong Rice is so tempting that I volunteered to “do the mix”

It really matters if the rice variety is class A

This one’s really good and it was not too salty

The green mango strips  and fried pork cubes really blended well

I particularly like how they dressed up the restaurant

There’s a touch of Thai thrown here and there

But it gives the diners a feel of modernity

I love their cushioned sheets

For a big man like me, they are so comfortable

The ground floor was fully occupied that time

So we were led to a cozier loft at the second floor

Its high ceiling made the area look more spacious

And their air-conditioning was just right

Service-wise, I’ll give Siam an A+

Their waiters were patient and courteous

We were served by Ariel (the guy in the middle)

I like it when he was able to briefly describe the items in their menu

The food was served about ten minutes after we ordered

I love the feeling when the waiters are at your beck and call

At Siam, you’ll feel like you’re royalty

I highly recommend that you visit Siam when you have the chance

With reasonably priced and delicious food, dining here is a steal

Make your reservations now…

Siam Thai Cuisine
(By Krua Thai)
Limketkai Center

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the Tom Yum Goong soup.  For me, Krua Thai makes the best TYG soup.  Siam’s version did not disappoint.  I just find the dried lemon grass strips annoying.

courtesy of http://www.panix.com/

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  • Next stop, my Thai kitchen, ok? Pasta and I will be happy to cook for you.

    • gay, i really wanna go back to bangkok talaga!

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