Oct 11, 2011

Salad Days #2: Arnevel’s Fried Dilis With Raddish Relish

It was a historic day for Asia United Bank

Last October 10, 2011 we soft-opened our second branch in Gensan

This is located at the One Roma Square along Aparente Avenue

The day started with the celebration of a Holy Mass

And was followed by the blessing of the premises

We were treated to an early morning breakfast by Arnevel’s Catering Services

What really caught my eye was the Fried Dilis Salad with Radish Relish

I love the manner this simple dish was presented

Since it has to be crispy when eaten, the fried dilis (anchovies) were placed in a bowl

The raddish relish which was mixed with tomatoes and onions was evenly distributed around the bowl

The dressing used was regular vinegar with salt giving the salad the expected tanginess

There’s no secret in frying dilis to come up with the desired crunchiness

Don’t put too much oil or you’ll end up with soggy anchovies

Don’t overheat the pan — keep the fire low to avoid “burning” the dilis

The right crispiness for dilis is when you are able to eat everything

For the relish, radish is the main ingredient

To add flavor and color to it, choose green and red tomatoes, onions and ginger

To keep their crunchiness intact, avoid putting in the vinegar until its time to serve the dish

Make sure that the radish are thinly sliced

This Salad Dish is available for orders at Arnevel’s Catering Services

You may contact Tita Nitz Velasquez at 0932-981-2272

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  • winner ang dilis! pang sud-an sa init na kan-on!

    • mas lami man pag bahaw ang kan-on, faust! try mo gud…

  • hello! I just wanna ask kung ano po ba yung ginagamit yung LPG? gasul, petronas, shellane o prycegas? thank you po!

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