Nov 3, 2011

Food Trip #37: Mooon Cafe @ Abreeza

I always look forward to hanging out with Lyle & Brendel in Davao

After finishing my official chores we agreed to have dinner at Mooon Cafe

The waiter who attended to us was very friendly and accommodating

Mooon Cafe’s interiors are easy to the eyes and the seats are comfortable too

Surprisingly, I find their prices inexpensive considering that they’re in a Class A Mall

For starters, we tried their Campesinos (120.00)

They were very generous with the melted cheese toppings and tender beef fillings

However, the melted cheese caused some tortilla chips to turn soggy

But then again the crispier ones blended well with the beef and cheese

I tasted spiced paprika which gave this appetizer more oomph

One of their bestsellers is the Bulaklak na Chicharon (148.00)

They even coined a slogan for it:  “Cholesterol free sa bisaya pa libre ang kolesterol”

If you’re a health-nut then stay away from this viand

This really packs a wallop for both presentation and taste

It’s probably one of the best chicharong bulaklak that I’ve tried

Nothing fancy about their Mexican Baby Back Ribs (225.00)

This grilled Pork Ribs is marinated in herbs giving it a Latin flavor

With sidings of rice, buttered vegetables  this makes for a full meal already

Although I’ve tasted better BBRs, I will still score it high

I like the tenderness of the pork meat and the sauce is not too sweet

We also tried their Spaghetti ala Gambas (178.00)

They cooked their pasta al dente so that alone scores big for me

Plump shrimps sautéed in butter and garlic made it even more delicious

You have to mix the whole she-bang to really enjoy the meal

This is one must-order that you shouldn’t miss

I took a bite of the much-ballyhooed Mooon Steak (185.00)

Served in a sizzling platter, this pork steak is topped with gravy sauce

Don’t mind the oiliness of it all — this is really one hell of a steak

Am sure they marinated the meat before cooking it

Every bite really delivers  — Eat it with garlic rice!

Mooon Cafe is located at Zone 1, 2nd Level of Abreeza Ayala Mall inDavao City.  Their operating hours are as follows: Monday – Thursday:  10:00am – 10:00pm; Friday – Saturday:  10:00am – 11:00pm and Sunday: 10:00 am-10:00 pm.  All major credit cards are accepted.  For reservations and inquiries, may email them at [email protected] or call them at (082) 321-0069.

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  • Yaaaay. Me wants to try Spaghetti ala Gambas. Nagutom na naman ako. >.<

    • you should find time to try them out!! sulit ever so much talaga!

  • Will definitely try Mooon Cafe when we visit Davao 🙂 Great review 🙂

    • thanks for visiting my blog…

  • Yummy food, fab company! I really had fun that night, GF!

    • ako pod gf… super lingaw… si peter pilot pod feeling rich na ged…hahahaha!

  • Whenever people ask me for restaurant recommendations, I always include Mooon Café in the short list. Brendel and I love their food.

    • mooon cafe is now in my top five fave restos in davao…thanks lyle!

    • sulayi ang ilang chimichanga.. lami kaayo medyo halang gamay..

  • Their Gambas and the Mexican wraps (forgot the names) are also great. 🙂

    • next time mare tayo naman mag-date…hehehe

  • hehehe… sa dihang naa ko sa gmall nianang gabii nov. 3, 2011? meet-ups meet-ups soon… ^_^

    • See you sa blogfest faust

  • What I like from their menu is the Mooon Steak… sarap to the bones… ^_^

    • i agree…sobrang sarap nga!

  • i only got 1 chance to eat at moon cafe since hubby is not that crazy on mexican matter how i tell him that food is good there, he does not listen.nway, i went there with my sis in law.we also ordered their steak and their tortilla(forgot the name). it was the best tasting tortilla i tasted.. it literally melts in your mouth.. i’m planning for a second visit this weekend. kahit ako na lang.LOL

    • just like you i intend to visit mooon cafe again… tell your hubby that mooon is not all about mexican food… chicharong bulaklak is pinoy na pinoy and am sure he’ll love it.

  • So, it’s basically the same with Mooon Cafe in Cebu City with the price. I also had a review of Mooon in my blog.

    I like your review it makes me hungry.

    Wala pa ko ka kaon while reading your blog. Mo kaon nako.

    • i am really looking forward to my next visit! thanks for dropping by… will check out your blogsite too…

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