Nov 13, 2011

Food Trip #39: Ranchero’s (Reposted From

Ranchero has always been very supportive of the Bloggers’ Community.  When Kuya Avel told Paolo Sunglao that we were expecting blogger-friends from Manila from September4-6, he offered to sponsor one dinner at Ranchero’s Gensan.  I’ve been a regular customer of Ranchero’s and have tried almost all of their food offerings so I somehow knew what they would serve us.  Their baby-back ribs is their top-seller – in fact, I know of friends who order this TO-GO and bring home to Manila.  Then of course their Seafood Platter and Tuna Kinilaw are probably the yummiest in these parts because you always get the “freshest” catch ever.  As a pansit-addict, I rate their Pansit Sotanghon an “A” – it’s so delicious that I can finish the whole platter by my lonesome.

Just imagine how surprise I was when Nestor – Ranchero’s Manager in Gensan – presented RANCHER’S FEAST, a smorgasbord of the choicest menu Ranchero has to offer.  My goodness, it could feed a whole battalion!  Our blogger friends were awestruck themselves as Nestor described the feast before us.  The steamed crabs and giant prawns deliciously smelled of garlic in olive oil.  The grilled bangus was cooked just right with its delicious “tiyan” still intact.  Tuna kinilaw was part of the feast and looked so fresh and yummy.  The kicker here were the steamed talong, okra and ampalaya with bagoong and vinegar for you to create your own pinoy salad.  The guso (seaweeds) was a perfect match to this pinoy delicacy.  Their Fried Lumpia may appear like an outcast but you’ve got to taste it yourself and discover why this viand deserves a place in this kingly feast.  It was like an overload of seafood that we almost didn’t notice the grilled Chicken which was cooked at its tenderest and juiciest best!

I can speak of more and more superlatives about our experience at Ranchero’s.  If you’re up to splurge for great food offerings then this is the place to be.  Tag along your family and friends and you won’t regret it.  Thank you Ranchero’s Gensan for that great feast!

Ranchero’s in General Santos City is located at  Villa Consuelo Subdivision, National Highway.  For reservations and inquiries you may call them at Telephone numbers (083) 553-9298 and (083) 301-9298.  You can also email them at [email protected]

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  • Everything looks delicious! Too bad I’m in manila =(

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