Nov 9, 2011

Merienda Cena #6: Apareja Buko Halo-Halo

Apareja’s Buko Halo-halo became popular by word of mouth

We were warned about the waiting time to get a table

But at the same time, we were also getting superlatives about their bestseller

It’s about 45 minutes ride from Gensan and you could easily miss it if you drive too fast

Thankfully, the tip to look out for parked cars along the road gave it away

It’s not a fancy place — somewhat ramshackle but good enough to dine in

While waiting for our orders, we noticed the various fruit ingredients for the buko halo-halo

There were saging na saba (plantain), kamote (sweet potato), langka (jackfruit) and of course the young coconut fruits

Most of these are delivered by their suppliers ever since the demand has grown

The fruits once ripe are then prepared in sweetened format

These becomes part of their so-popular buko halo-halo

Preparation-wise, I rate it seven out of ten stars — it looked so haphazardly done

Ingredients-wise, they earn a ten because on top of the sweetened kamote, langka and saging na saba

There were sweet corn kernels and kaong (sugar palm) and ube (purple yam) jam, leche flan and a scoop of ice cream

The crushed ice melted quickly since they were very generous with the evaporated milk

You’ve got to mix the whole thing to really call it halo-halo so don’t eat the ice cream separately!

And since it’s BUKO halo-halo, you have to scrape the inner layer of the coco fruit to get the coco meat

Taste-waste, it’s way better than the popular halo-halo of a fastfood chain and you get to dine with nature

Apareja Buko Halo-halo is located at Barangay Saravia, Barrio Ocho, Koronadal City.  If you’re going to Koronadal, their nook is along the National Highway (at the left side).  You’ll spot it easily because of the number of vehicles parked along the road.  They’re open at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm until their supply lasts.  Waiting time for tables is a challenge so be patient.  Cash payments only.

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  • Na try ko halo-halo nila, ang sarap talaga!! Nakaka-miss tuloy. Sana meron din sila dito sa Gensan.

    • mag-escape tayo sa blogfest then punta tayo dito…hehehehe!

  • WOW! I hope I get a chance to try it…Thanks for dropping by my blog, Orman!

    • di ko pa nga na-navigate ang buo mong blog… sobrang busy lang… will find time for it soon…

  • ang sarap naman niyan. kaso, ang layo dito sa Davao.. natatakam tuloy ako niyan. 😀

  • “We were warned about the waiting time to get a table” this statement made me smile, haha. Tuod-tuod gid abi :))

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