Dec 2, 2011

Gastronomic Pleasures #1: The Best Of Gensan

Fresh from Eat’s Terrific’s winning as Best Food & Beverage Blog by the Philippine Blog Awards, I am sharing my  preferred list of Gastronomic Pleasures in Gensan.  Read on…

  1. Best Halo-Halo – This time, I will go for Razon’s.  Its simplicity just wins me over.  With just macapuno, saging na saba and leche flan, this one is probably the tastiest ever.  Its almost snow-flake-like crushed ice makes this an even more exhilarating find. Go for Razon’s Halo-halo at Sun City Complex and KCC Mall.
  2.  Best Siopao – After trying every siopao in town,  Joan’s Bakeshoppe‘s siopao is still my choice for the best siopao.  There are pretenders to the “siopao-throne” but that’s just the way it’s gonna be because Joan’s siopao still reigns supreme.
  3. Best Lomi – Order it from Uno Cafe or Big Chow and you’ll still get the best hot noodle soup in Gensan.   Each serving cost 100 pesos and is food for two persons.   When I’m under the weather, this lomi is my comfort “medicine.”  Surprisingly, I immediately get energized after consuming my fill of this lomi.
  4. Best Strawberry Milkshake – There can only be one great strawberry milkshake.  And only Shakey’s Pizza Restaurant can deliver the creamiest and tastiest strawberry milkshake.  Would you believe that I can consume two orders in one sitting? Get yourself one now!
  5. Best Pinaputok na Tilapia – Daniella’s Diner along Tiongson Arcade cooks up a storm with their Pinaputok na Tilapia!  I saw how they prepare this and I must say that it is worth every centavo.  I can understand if they are very generous with the ingredients but when they included half of a butter brick in the foiled-wrap tilapia, I was floored!  No wonder it taste so good!
  6. Best Combo Meals – If you’re a group of five famished individuals and are on a tight budget then this is for you.  PiYesta KTV & Resto Bar serves the best value-for-money combo meals but never scrimps on the ingredients.  Service is superb too and the ambience is just perfect.
  7. Best Iced Tea – Don’t be deceived by drink-all-you-can iced tea and end up disappointed.  My choice for the best Iced Tea is the one served by Cafe Amoree.  Served in a tall glass, you’ll loved every sip and wish it were endless.  And hey, they’ve got free WiFi too!
  8. Best Oven-Roasted Chicken – Bounty Fresh’s Chooks-To-Go is selling like hotcakes.  Chances are you’re staring on an empty display shelf.  The good thing is that they are now found everywhere.  Their roasted chicken has remained very tasty however it has gone smaller in size.  Still, this is the best viand during “emergency” situations.
  9. Best Thin Crust Pizza – Calda’s at Gaisano Mall is a new find!  Of all their pizza variants, I super love their Filipiniana Thin Crust Pizza.  Topped with my fave longganisa and chorizo slices — this one’s a sure winner!
  10. Best Sizzling Shrimp Scampi – Little Kitchen has come a long way since they opened.  Not only did they expand their restaurant area, they have also added new offerings in their menu.  But their Sizzling Shrimp Scampi remains my all-time favorite.

There you go – my list of top ten. You may not agree with me but it shouldn’t stop you from checking them out.  Happy eating.

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  • thank you for patronizing Piyesta Ktv & Restobar 🙂

    • loyalist ever baya!

  • Masarap talaga ang halo-halo sa Razon’s! Tumikim kami nun bago kami umalis sa GenSan! Meron daw dito sa Davao pero, mahal. -_-

    • i thought the same lang ang presyo… baka mas mahal ang rental…

  • hello orman link mo yung naka highlight na blue texts/words sa dating posts mo dito sa eats terrific.. go.. cheers! ^_^

    • thanks for the suggestions… will do that in a few…

  • I agree sa best thin crust pizza. 🙂

    • i can actually consume their filipiniana pizza in one sitting…hehehe! takaw much!

  • Calda I think is the number one pizza in Iligan.

    • I second the emotion…hehehe

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