Dec 6, 2011

Gastronomic Pleasures #2: The Best of Davao

After coming up with my Best of Gensan list, here’s my Best of Davao choices.  I haven’t really explored Davao’s wide array of food choices but right now, these are the best of the best.  Check these out…

  1. Best Chicharong Bulaklak – Hands down,  Mooon Cafe  delivers the best chicharong bulaklak in Davao City.  I am certain that they marinated the pork innards before frying them to its crispy perfection.  This can already pass as a full viand than an appetizer.
  2.  Best Shabu-shabu meal – Shabu-shabu is always a “messy” affair for me until I tried Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu & Grill.  Not only is the waiter at your beck and call, they can also do the cooking for you or just opt for them to guide you — any newbie in this manner of dining will definitely enjoy and I’m not even talking about the food which is really superb.
  3. Best Crispy Fried Chicken – If you advertise your fried chicken as greaseless then you must really mean it.  Yellow Fin Seafood & Restaurant wowed me the first time I tried their prized offering.  One look at this crispy fried chicken and you’d want to take a bite immediately.  Eat it with your bare hands and enjoy it even more.  
  4. Best Fish Teriyaki – They may be pricey but  Nonki Japanese Restaurant gives value for your money.  I’ve always liked having gindara (cod fish) served grilled or soup-based.  So when I tried it in teriyake mode, I was floored.  Its sweetness doesn’t overwhelm and that for me is classic!
  5. Best Pork Knuckles Meal – Dining at Alor’s (A Home Kitchen) is like enjoying your mother’s home-cooked meal.  Among their varied food choices, my favorite is their PATATIM.  Set in a bed of pechay leaves, this one’s my favorite among a bevy of other great meals for you.
  6. Best Chicken Rice Meal – Trellis ‘n Vine Restaurant wowed me with their Chicken Biryani Rice, a curry-flavored offering whose taste and smell never overwhelms.  It can be shared by three people and is a complete meal in itself already.
  7. Best Pasta Combo Meals  – Hands down Wings & Dip Cafeteria earns my vote.  With so much variety of choices, chances are you’d want to try them all.  This is the best thing that happened to pasta!
  8. Best Chicken Skin Chicharon – I know, I know…. this is so unhealthy but what the heck… Sunburst Fried Chicken‘s chicken skin chicharon is very addicting.  Once you’ve started munching on one piece, you can’t stop.  Make sure that those blood pressure medicines handy when you feast on this.
  9. Best Crispy Pata – This is one of their bestsellers and you should not miss it when you go to Ranchero’s Davao. I love the crispiness of the pork skin and what gives it more star points is the tenderness of the meat and its taste — purely heaven!
  10. Best Appetizer – Handuraw Pizza prides themselves of their thin-crust pizza but what really scored big for me is their deep fried Mozzarella Triangles with mayo dip.  Just the thought of it makes me salivate now.  It’s like eating tacos without the mess.

There is so much more to explore in Davao.  How I wish I can find time to try them all.  Well, there’s 2012 to look forward to.  Happy eating!

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    Congratulations on winning the PBA 2011 – Mindanao Best Food Blog Mare! So proud of you. 🙂

    • ikaw baya mare ang inspiration ko kaya ako nagka-food blog! thanks!

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