Jan 25, 2012

500 Peso Challenge #4: Kabayan Nelson Food Max

It has been a rough two months for both Ernan and I

His illness and miraculous recovery overwhelmed us

To celebrate God’s miracle, we decided to do our 500-peso challenge

It’s been awhile since we did this so we roamed around the city

We finally agreed to try Kabayan Nelson Food Maxx

It is located along Santiago Boulevard corner East Laurel Avenue

We ordered their Adobong Bagaybay (120.00)

Bagaybay is a visayan term for Male Tuna eggs

Cooking it adobo-style is a no-frills way of preparing bagaybay

But if you’re not too careful, you’d end up with a malangsa-tasting viand

But this one’s really good — the sourness was just right as it was balanced by its sweetness

It also helped that the bagaybay remained “fresh” under iced-conditions

To match our order, we opted for Grilled Squid (60.00)

The squid was cooked under low coal-fire so it was not rubbery

What came out so bothersome was the overload of pipino or cucumber as filling

It had no added value to the grilled squid and even left a watery taste to it

I had to separate the meat from the diced cucumber

I hope they use tomatoes and onions as stuffing the next time around

Kabayan Nelson Food Maxx is the common man’s version of a Seafood Market

Where raw seafoods and garnishings are displayed

And it’s up to the customers to choose what they want to order

Customers can opt to have their choices cooked based on their preference

When we were there, we actually ordered Bangus Sinigang

They served it to another table and completely forgot about us

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  • It’s certainly more fun – at less cost! – in GenSan! 🙂

  • Very sulit ang presyo Orman! nakakabusog..^_^

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