Jan 25, 2012

Food Trip #40: Cafe By The Ruins

I have not been to Baguio for some time now

My last visit was over fifteen years ago

Thanks to bloggers Don, Fitz and RinaEatsTerrific.com had a full agenda

We left Manila at 2:30 am taking the Marcos Highway route

By the time we reached Baguio City, it was already 8:00 am

We were all tired but excited for the day ahead and FAMISHED

First stop was Cafe By The Ruins for breakfast

For starters, we were each offered a bowl of fresh fruits

I was all agog with the strawberries and blackberries

I totally ignored the pineapple and papaya

Served naturally without honey nor cream

This one’s really perked us up

I ordered the Fisherman’s Breakfast (230.00)

This consist of Daing na dalag (mudfish), eggs, sinangag (fried rice) and grilled tomatoes

I actually requested for scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions

I thought the chef missed the instructions until they served it separately

Nothing fancy about this combo-meal except that the sinangag is brown rice

The daing na dalag are actually mini-versions of the real thing and was not too salty

Don ordered the Baguio Bagnet (280.00) which really looked yummy

This is a typical ilokano meal that aims to deliver a balanced meal

The pork belly cuts are actually double-fried

The meat are tenderized in cooking oil then refried to crispy perfection

Served with padas bagoong and tomato relish, this one really delivers

It is accompanied with dinengdeng soup which I wasn’t able to taste

Fitz ordered the Filipino Long-si-log (245.00) meal

I expected the usual longganisa but was surprise with the presentation

They call the featured viand of this combo meal longganisang hubad

Instead of the usual “chorizo-type” longganisa, they served it as deep-fried marinated pork cubes

I wasn’t too wowed by the taste but I give it an “A” for its tenderness

It is served with  sinangag brown rice and sunny-side up egg

Rina decided to go American and ordered the Farmer’s Morning Feast (245.00)

This one’s an overload of thick slices of home-cured bacon

It tasted more like  pork tocino because it didn’t have the crispiness of bacon

I’m not saying it’s not good — on the contrary I liked this combo meal better

Served in a bed of lettuce leaves and sunny side up egg and sinangag

I’d order this the next time around

Cafe By The Ruins is located at #25 Chuntug Street, Baguio City.  Parking may be a problem so you better come early.  Reservations are accepted by calling  Telephone No. 442-4010; 446-4010; Fax No. 442-5272.  Their website URL is www.cafebytheruins.com but isn’t loading properly.  They can also be contacted via email at [email protected] All major credit cards are accepted.  Additional 10% service charge.  Food & Drinks corkage: 250.00; Spirits corkage-500.00.  They are  Open daily from 7am-9pm.

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  • wow! looks absolutely yummy! and the place looks like a “must” place to visit.. besides this, maganda pa ba sa Baguio manay? its been years since I was last there. but from the looks of the place from the news parang sobrang congested na ang Baguio, like metro manila. But then, thanks for bringing us to Baguio once again. 🙂

    • nette — ito talaga ang #1 sa itinerary namin and sulit talaga. the baguio of our yesteryears is still there kaso nga congested na — may areas pa rin na fresh pa rin naman ang hangin and malamig. session road is uber polluted. kahit maaga pa eh amoy fumes na… just the same i love baguio pa rin…

  • I love the fresh vegetables it works perfectly balanced with meats! hehehe

    • watch out for my post about OH MY GULAY!

      • OMG!! Ohh My Gulay! Orman! heheheh ^_^

  • I miss Baguio!!=(

  • Dear Orman,

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    Princess Tan
    for Dual Action Blender

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