Jun 1, 2012

Food Trip #41: C Bistro @ Tiongson Avenue


A new dining experience awaits everyone along Tiongson Avenue

Owned by the gorgeous Che Tiongson

C Bistro finally opened its doors to dining habitues in Gensan

Of their wide selection of viands, I opted to try the following:

I got my liking for kinilaw from my mom who can prepare a mean kinilaw serving

That’s the reason why I’m very critical about anything kinilaw

C Bistro’s Kinilaw na Tangigue actually passes muster

Not only did it taste fresh — the kinilaw mix was just right earning for it a “4-star”

Being on diet for almost four months now gave me a liking for greens

Che knew about this so she served me their Kani Salad with Japanese mayo dressing

Kani is Japanese for crab and the shredded crab sticks gave the salad a balancing sweetness

The medley of colors and textures plus the crispy greens earned it a five-star rating

I also took a bite of their Baby Back Ribs (really, just a bite!)

And I must say that their version is going to give competition a run for their money

The succulent taste of this tender serving of pork ribs floored me

It’s not the usual fall-off-the-bone style but I still rate it a “4”

My favorite was the Grilled Big-Eye Tuna Belly with Chef Jeof’s Basting

Marinating it overnight is a no-no for Chef Jeof for it “hardens” the meat

Every bite of this superb and juicy meal was unbelievable

The secret basting sauce probably made this such a delightful viand

C Bistro is located along Tiongson Avenue, Barangay Lagao, General Santos City.  They’re open daily and serves lunch and dinner.  Their wine gallery is tops so with their coffee offerings.  For reservations and inquiries, you may contact 0905-397-9955 or email them at [email protected]

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1 Comment

  • well.. i suppose.. given the high rating you gave this resto.. its really a “must try” dining experience! can’t wait to go there…

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